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The Impulse Buy (part 1)

Being a prolific car hunter has provided me with a great bit of joy over the years. Each "dig" and "discovery" brings with it a level of adventure and adrenaline that must satisfy some primal urge within me. I rarely search for anything specific, but when I find something of interest, very quickly I know that its "the one". Many car guys and gals I am sure suffer from the same affliction. I have several friends that, like myself, instead of reading the morning news with our coffee, we are trolling the usual virtual fishing holes online to see what is available. For me it is a daily occurrence and I have reeled quite a few into the boat over the years. I am ALWAYS on the hunt it seems, and even when Im not "working", I am "working" on that next deal or project in my mind. Recently on our summer family vacation I had a personal goal not to do any "car stuff: on the trip. I wanted to enjoy the family time and visits with relatives and really relax. I handled that fine for the first few days of the trip but a casual facebook post by a good friend flipped the switch while we were having breakfast at a local diner. He was helping a friend in a pinch and the car he posted pics of had to be moved within 48 hours or it was going to be towed away and impounded. With me being 1500 miles away and occupied with "other matters" I questioned the desire to jump on it, even though I wanted it bad. I inquired just the same and my friend said he could help make it happen. I gave him the green light and my mothers address that was close to where the car was, and within a couple hours the car was dropped off in mom's driveway and I had secured the deal with promise to handle the details upon my return.

The issue with the buy is that really I have no clue what I bought. Of course I knew the make and model and I had seen a couple of postage stamp sized images on my phone, but with no real inspection having been done and the word that the engine is out and in pieces had me questioning the deal and my sanity for the rest of the trip. As I sit here tonight writing this blog post, I am looking forward to finding out how big of an idiot I really am tomorrow, when my brother and I aim over to mom's to load it up and drag it home. Will it be trash or treasure? Am I a genius or a fool? I plan to give a full report upon pick up and the return to the Carchaeology lab for analysis. Stay tuned!

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