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My 15 minutes of fame.

When I first got started in the world of cars I never would have guessed that the road would take me as far as it has. Like most, I started with one car in my parents driveway. That car lead to another and so on and so on. It was not until a few cars in that I received my first glimpse of my ride in the pages of a magazine. The first photo was just a small image and caption in the coverage of an event, but the thrill of seeing my name and creation in print was exhilarating! When that same vehicle managed to garner a full feature in another magazine, I was on the top of the world. I had obviously found something that I truly loved that I was good at and I continued the quest to re-live that experience as many times as possible. A couple years later another of my cars got the cover shot of a major publication and I have not stopped building and creating ever since. Up to the date of this writing the number of articles in books and magazines on my vintage automotive creations and activities have climbed well over 80. Add to that the monthly column that I have written for one publication for the past few years and that number expands even greater. It shocks me to think about it, and up till a few years back I never really did, but when I was being interviewed for a magazine overseas and they asked the question...I had to count. It really shocked the hell out of me when I gathered it all together.

I have always been a big fan of film and television. Over the years I found myself both on the screen and behind the scenes of 26 films or episodes of television , with a good half of those being my recurring role as an antique auto appraiser on the Discovery Channel show "Sticker Shock" in 2018. Ive also assisted in minor ways with even more film productions. Looking back at my life and career in playing with cars is a pretty satisfying exercise. I have aways been one that keeps looking forward, but stopping now and then to reflect on where you have been is a good way to know that you are on the right track/

Ive got a link put together where I am trying to keep up with it all , Visit to see the overall collective of where I have been and if you'd like to learn more about the assorted TV and film projects I have been involved with, visit Where is this wild road leading me next? I truly have no clue, but Im looking forward to sharing the sights and sounds of the trip through this blog and website. Happy Motoring! Randy

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