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I have long been a fan of crazy cars. Those that have known me for many years truly know this to be true. It seems that whenever something really wacky pops up on the internet car wise, I get sent a link and the usual "dude! You NEED this!" sort of comment. Its nice to have people think of you, but as time has progressed I sometimes wonder if I have done myself a dis-service by attaching myself to so many truly silly machines. Id rather people think of me when they come across really rare and valuable cars out in the world, not the whack-job nutty we are.

The beauty above in the photo is not my car. The "Cad-Wac" was the creation of my eldest brother Royce. The fact that other members of my family bend towards the bizarre should explain a little bit of my affliction. I come about it naturally it seems, but beyond the genetic irregularity within my being, there is something external that fuels the desire as well. In short, I am an attention whore. Maybe thats a good thing, maybe its a bad thing, but I have always enjoyed the attention that comes from the cars I drive/build/dream. Ive always enjoyed being on stage, in front of a camera and seeing photos of my creations in the pages of the magazines. Its just fun. I go about it casually and I don't put other people down, I try not to upstage anyone and I am always thankful and gracious for any of the attention. My goal is always to bring a smile to those around me...I feel it is my little way of making the world just a tiny bit more enjoyable. Im not going to cure cancer or save the planet, but if I can make someone smile or laugh I think its worth the effort.



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