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The largest VW collection in the world? For Sale?

Updated: May 1, 2019

For many years in a small town in Puerto Rico, a kind Doctor has explored his passion. While days were spent practicing and promoting natural medicine and healing, his non work hours have been surrounded by the automobile, specifically Volkswagen, the "People Car". His Volkswagen passion took root with one of his first jobs back in 1958, working at a local Volkswagen dealer. He excelled as a salesman and was in the right place to scoop up quality condition trade-ins at a fair price. From that point forward he was hooked to the quality construction and simple design of the humble little Beetle.

As time marched on and funds and space became available, Dr.Norman, (as he would be called by many) started collecting VWs of all shapes and sizes. He would rebuild and restore them himself and challenged his abilities with every part of the process. The cars were always family to him and like the branches of a family tree, the cars spread to great number. The collection and museum has played host to countless VW enthusiasts and it is a sight that is simply unforgettable.

The total in the collection today numbers well over 150 cars, and they are all stored in a wonderful spotless warehouse / museum in the Puerto Rican town of Yauco. Dr. Norman calls it Volkyland, an obvious play on the theme park, but the rides within the walls are nowhere near the same. From the earliest most simple Beetle to the technologically complex luxury Phaeton sedan, the cars run the range. Original restorations to brightly colored customs and even a selection of pure race cars, it is all here in Volkyland. Some of the most interesting of the collection are the one off creations and customs, models that VW never made. A high riding bright yellow early Beetle with open doors and a bench seat on the roof , another with heavy battle guards and a rotating seat with spotlight out the roof that was reportedly designed for hunting alligators...around every corner there is something that even the most lifelong VW nut has never seen, and will never see again. While the majority of the collection is the world favorite Beetle, there is also a wide array of the VW Bus models throughout the years. The iconic multi window window microbus is represented three times over, the Westfalia camping versions from every era, and even a wonderful selection of the "working class" VW Bus including a fully outfitted fire truck with VW powered water pump, a stretcher filled ambulance, an ice cream vending van and even a flat bed tow truck with a matching Beetle on the bed. It is an amazing sight to see.

Karmann Ghias, Squarebacks, Fastbacks, Notchbacks and even a rarely known Brasilia are scattered about, a selection of WW2 inspired VWs fills one corner, while the opposite side of the building hosts a nearly endless line of "Splits" and "Ovals". The backdrop of the scene is the carefully crafted faux city of buildings along the walls. The lobby hosts a meeting room surrounded by VW memorabilia and showcases are filled with VW toys of all shapes and sizes. The list goes on and on. It is so much to see, and too much to capture in words. There comes a time with every collection that a decision must be made to plan for the future. The dream of course of any collector is that the collection will continue into the many generations to come. After a couple years of quietly searching for someone to take over the whole museum, it has been decided that the "Peoples Cars" should return to the people. The collection is now for sale. It is the largest collection of vintage VWs ever brought to market (outside of perhaps a few VW wrecking yards). Its a once in a lifetime opportunity for the true VW nut and collectors world wide are scrambling for a chance at the cars. A preliminary list of the cars for sale is posted at and detailed photos are being posted of each vehicle. Sales of the cars will start in the next few days and an open house for local VW enthusiasts is planned as well.

While it seems a shame to see such an amazing collection break apart, it is a very positive thing for the VW scene in that so many lovely cars will be able to find new homes and hands to care for them. If you have ever dreamed of buying a vintage VW, this sale is well worth a look. for details on all the happenings in regards to this sale.

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