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Welcome to the new Carchaeology website! Let's play cars together!!

Randy Carlson as a child with his Father's Mercedes

Well, Ive been playing with cars since I was just a wee pup, and now in my 50's the fever continues to grow at an alarming and wonderful rate. Looking back at the start of it all in the family driveway to the countless cars I have touched and the press that my efforts have garnered, I guess Ive been doing something right all this time. The collector car scene is my happy place and I take every possible opportunity to work and play among it all. For years I have been sharing my car stories via social media such as Facebook and Instagram and have developed a bit of a following. This site will be a great place to do something a bit more "serious" and have a one stop space for folks to see it all. Buckle up and enjoy the ride with me! Happy Motoring! Randy

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